Tyceno Performing under PRESSURE in 2K20

15 Sht 2019
369 034 Shikime

Gameplay of my performances in pressure packed games against 99 overalls and/or when down big at the park so far in NBA 2K20. ENJOY!
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► Insta: instagram.com/therealtyceno
Credit for Instrumentals:
Miguel Johnson - Hostiles Inbound
Per Kiilstofte - Incursion

  • 11:28 was clean af

    Zachary NgZachary NgVit më parë
    • KencyDa Great same

      Brayden BlomquistBrayden BlomquistVit më parë
    • Zachary Ng hell no 12:10

    • Like my new vid🥵

      TRAWTRAWVit më parë
    • Tyceno you made me become a shot creator

      Jack MurphyJack MurphyVit më parë
    • @KencyDa Great Silver

      TycenoTycenoVit më parë
  • What’s that tense music called

    darkskin adjydarkskin adjy8 muaj më parë
  • 12:26 yo that was nasty

    FluwidFluwidVit më parë
  • Usually z gets every board but that center was also very good

    VoltzHunterVoltzHunterVit më parë
  • Dude is so try hard

    Andrew ObrienAndrew ObrienVit më parë
  • 😂😂😂 wicked.. B bleep bleep bleeeeeep.. fu#$n bleeep!!!

    40 And Elite40 And EliteVit më parë
  • How do you green so much?

    Finn RowsellFinn RowsellVit më parë
  • What’s his jump shot??? And QuickDraw on ????

    To you 2000 years from nowTo you 2000 years from nowVit më parë
  • he was a bri-ish lad innit?

    Deadass BDeadass BVit më parë
  • I can’t hit a green to save my life

    Christian GalbraithChristian GalbraithVit më parë
  • Lmao pathetic clout chasers will never learn. Actually get good at the game and stop making excuses bums.

    SmmSmileySmmSmileyVit më parë
  • Tyceno is such a nice person

    Ivan MaxwellIvan MaxwellVit më parë
  • 9:13 “19-11, got the lead against Tyceno, dis finna be a breeze”

    SamSamVit më parë
  • You should make an updated badge video.

    Wtf_AllanWtf_AllanVit më parë
  • Take this shitty game more seriously you need, imagine never being laid like this guy I can’t believe it man go outside

    VeczeyVeczeyVit më parë
  • No life

    Young SmooveYoung SmooveVit më parë
  • so cringey and sad that you take this so seriously

    God DanielGod DanielVit më parë
  • Low key the music was kinda OD

    Darshan surtiDarshan surtiVit më parë
  • Is sharpshooting takeover only for catch and shoot, starting to feel like I should have taken shot creator takeover

    R6 SeigeR6 SeigeVit më parë
  • Bruh I made a playmaking shot creator. Only a 90 rn an I got 10 PPG in the park on 33 games. On 63 % FG An 61% 3 pt. I’m goin nuts w it

    ASaPP AshhhASaPP AshhhVit më parë
  • Number of jump shoot??

    שלו זכריהשלו זכריהVit më parë
  • How u change your camera??

    שלו זכריהשלו זכריהVit më parë
  • I swear Tycenos humbleness and calmness is amazing. I admire him alot.. for some odd reason he makes me feel calm my self. Makes me forget about all the problems and be at ease for a bit. Thank you Tyceno!

    CDT NGCDT NGVit më parë
  • 8:36 HoF Flexible Release go crazy

    CashCashVit më parë
  • You’re fucking dangerous

    joel gonzalezjoel gonzalezVit më parë
  • Post your badge setup

    prentis frazierprentis frazierVit më parë
  • Show us what badges u got

    Jack TankeJack TankeVit më parë
  • He really that dude

    Tate FergusonTate FergusonVit më parë
  • Tyceno u need to show ur badges my guy

    Brian BelloBrian BelloVit më parë
  • What’s your quick draw on??

    vFxzionvFxzionVit më parë
  • Does he shoot with the stick?

    Phats TrapPhats TrapVit më parë
  • Whats tycenos quickdraw on?

    UnknownUnknownVit më parë
  • how u do the move at 11:58?

    Robert NicholsonRobert NicholsonVit më parë
  • Unreal!!!!

    WondrousConundrumWondrousConundrumVit më parë
  • Tyceno can u plz do a tutorial on ur animations

    YellowMamba2KYellowMamba2KVit më parë
  • Tyceno you need flexible release it helps you hit whites more this goes for everyone 🖤

    ScamKScamKVit më parë
  • Ima 98 overall 6'8 pure playmaker with 79 mid and 73 3pt 94 speed 93 acc and 84 ball control my favorite build because I cannot be guarded and i rarely see anyone running this build IM A WALKING MISMATCH 🙂

    Yesuz l._.lYesuz l._.lVit më parë
  • 2k17 shot contest

    Luh ZayLuh ZayVit më parë
  • Cant stand when Aussie's speak, so high pitched and squeaky

    marcel rollomarcel rolloVit më parë
  • Z the most loyal center

    Maniacdropped_81Maniacdropped_81Vit më parë
  • Im goated on my 7'2 glass lock ill be the best center youll ever play with gt : Biood Rivers

    Blood RiversBlood RiversVit më parë
  • Tyceno is legit a good friend and player. Knows when he sold and knows how to give praise to people that deserve. Great sportsmanship and content. Keep it up

    BNR GuppyBNR GuppyVit më parë
  • Ty how to set Park Jumpshot pls

    RouseaiaRouseaiaVit më parë
  • 😐😑😐

    Jacob PeakJacob PeakVit më parë
  • I will literally click on a Tyceno video even if it has no title

    Games PlsGames PlsVit më parë
  • Somebody wanna grind rep with me?

    Aris StogiannidisAris StogiannidisVit më parë
  • Everytime I see your video my mood drops. Cus I realize how I have life struggles and you sit at home and play 2k all day and your still trash but you get paid because your over rated

    Bayzsmoove -Bayzsmoove -Vit më parë
  • Honestly, you take a lot of bad shots and you rarely get yo big man involved. He bails you out so much it's insane. Dont forget, your defense is horrible.

    Mirian MagallanesMirian MagallanesVit më parë
  • Im telling u its not trey burke

    Sam DerbaliSam DerbaliVit më parë

    WallyWorldd DRWallyWorldd DRVit më parë
  • Low key feels like Z is super underappreciated by the community. Dudes has consistently been the best big with the IQ of Einstein. Tyceno: oh, you're not gonna shoot? Z: no, find your shot. Too early in the shot clock Most these bigs don't even know wtf a shot clock is

    Jimbo SliceJimbo SliceVit më parë
  • You’re such a clout chaser lmao literally none of them was 99

    kobe bryantkobe bryantVit më parë
  • Bruh he not even a 99 dumbass

    kobe bryantkobe bryantVit më parë
  • Y’all check out my insane 2k20 builds and help me hit 1k subs 🤝💜🔥

    Whiteboy EntertainmentWhiteboy EntertainmentVit më parë
  • 4:43 calm yo lil ass down u sound fucking dumb🤦‍♂️

    BGM_713BGM_713Vit më parë
  • What badge gives you those ankle breakers off your stepback? I need to know. It's so clean and effective

    Abinye PollynAbinye PollynVit më parë
  • LMAO is your title really you speaking in third person hahahahaha

    Canadian_TriLL 905Canadian_TriLL 905Vit më parë
  • What is z’s jumpshot?

    Travis KingTravis KingVit më parë
  • Why is dribbling so slow this year

    Spastic HeadSpastic HeadVit më parë
  • Is Bullet Force a web game? I found it can be played on freegames66.

    Sean M. HollandSean M. HollandVit më parë
  • The Funny thing about Tyceno is that he isn’t what most people call a dribble god he uses simple effective moves & dominates ❗️

    Savvy Tha DemonSavvy Tha DemonVit më parë
    • Why would he get called a dribble god?

      JoJoJoJoVit më parë
  • 2 shot creators running past screens and fading 😂😂

    John FoxJohn FoxVit më parë
  • tyceno you are the fucken man i canot believe my eyes. #CRACKED😍

    FlexX_xkreSon 32FlexX_xkreSon 32Vit më parë

    Rishi BRishi BVit më parë
  • Still havent played park lol

    Michael MayersMichael MayersVit më parë
  • Size up package?

    SeasickAmoebaSeasickAmoebaVit më parë
  • What is Z build?

    pelikan flyer als eine handelsübliche broschürepelikan flyer als eine handelsübliche broschüreVit më parë
  • People wana mention all the bad things about 2k but not good. Like how u take the ball out further back

    Michael MayersMichael MayersVit më parë
  • Does tyceno use default camera view in park, anybody know?

    thechosensmiththechosensmithVit më parë
  • aussie 2k rage is the best

    pDubbzpDubbzVit më parë
  • Y does tyceno have hair on his cheeks?

    CxnosicKovahCxnosicKovahVit më parë
  • How tall is z

    Bshap1015Bshap1015Vit më parë
  • Do you have space creator on

    Dirk2xDirk2xVit më parë
  • Why are u yelling ur literally alone

    Rhett DimitroffRhett DimitroffVit më parë
  • You can't beat chris smooth dho🤔

    Nicholas PilotNicholas PilotVit më parë
  • Badge revile

    MajeeMajeeVit më parë
  • 3:27 that’s Tyceno version of “Ultra Instinct” Ultra Greenstinct😭

    Wilson PenaWilson PenaVit më parë
  • Tyceno can you make a video on your badges that you use for your shot creator please?

  • Lmao he’s good asf 2k is gonna nerf range extender and green machine in some later patches cause there’s no way he should be pulling from that deep 😭😭

    BaggChasing_geoBaggChasing_geoVit më parë
  • There chem are so great they don’t get mad at each other 💯💯💪🏾

    Delay Em!Delay Em!Vit më parë
  • Tyceno, we should run my guy. All the IQ you need.

    Travon SpringsTravon SpringsVit më parë
  • Loves how u put up some of ur good plays and lil bad plays but not ur Ls🙃

    Doin DerDoin DerVit më parë
  • Imagine if tyceno was a dribble god as well 🔥

    PinHead LarrryPinHead LarrryVit më parë
  • also you don’t need a green emote anymore. everyone can see the bar

    Tyler PippinTyler PippinVit më parë
  • You should have a series with tjack to see who the better shot creator is

    Glizzyrole _Glizzyrole _Vit më parë
  • it’s not a skill gap. this game is just ass.

    Tyler PippinTyler PippinVit më parë
  • How do you feel about all these glitches out scrubs. They messing up the game.

    joshua johnsonjoshua johnsonVit më parë
  • Imagine calling yourself the best shot creator in 2k while panicking when you don’t have a screen 😂💀. Got no moves can’t score unless Z bails you out. Z hella underrated dude been holdin y’all for the last 2 years

    EJT Prod.EJT Prod.Vit më parë
  • 2k20 = if it ain’t green it’s not going in

    JettJettVit më parë
  • I want a full package on his moves shot badges etc this man right here go crazy BANNNG

    iForeignJayiForeignJayVit më parë
  • Why is the court like that

    Brandon DurocherBrandon DurocherVit më parë
  • N

    John O'BrienJohn O'BrienVit më parë
  • That’s crazy how tyceno greens so much he doesn’t even expect full whites to go in at all

    cYiKillumcYiKillumVit më parë
  • massive ego

    RaiinboRaiinboVit më parë
  • You trending keep grinding

    Sorry2 Lil2xSorry2 Lil2xVit më parë
  • ATTENTION if you on ps4, have a dirty guard build n you looking for a center, reply to this ‼️

    Blue AlsaBlue AlsaVit më parë
  • Why can’t my teammates shoot like tyceno

    PatPatVit më parë
  • Yo

    HeGotTheJuice -HeGotTheJuice -Vit më parë
  • Undow pwessuw

    Logan ELogan EVit më parë
  • What are all the badges you have

    kam gotnowkam gotnowVit më parë