Stage TRYHARDS Challenge Me to a $200 WAGER in NBA2K20

8 Tet 2019
269 159 Shikime

I got challenged once again by Trinder to a $200 wager... this guy doesn't give up. 2v2, best of 5 at the stage for $200 in NBA2K20. ENJOY THE SHOWDOWN!
Per Kiilstofte - Anomaly Detected
Darren Curtis - The Brotherhood
Per Kiilstofte - End Game
Per Kiilstofte - Incursion
Evan King - This Will Destroy Us
Miguel Johnson - Legend
Evan King - End This
Miguel Johnson - Hostiles Inbound
Nicolai Heidlas - Legendary Sina
Krale - Finding Light
Kevin MacLeod - Ice Flow

  • Geesice vs Tyceno $5000 Wager, BEST OF 7 2v2 looks extremely likely to happen early next month, November. This is going to be one of the biggest 2K park showdowns ever, if not the biggest. I'll fly out to the East Coast with Z to play it. Until then I'll be doing a lot of 2v2 against comp to warm up, so yeah :) Thanks for the support y'all.

    TycenoTycenoVit më parë
    • @DTooLit 1wq11111w1ww

      pabli xjpabli xj3 muaj më parë
    • And you guys got blown out mainly because of the blue screen but Ik you wish you didn’t take that bet

      Daniel BurkeDaniel Burke6 muaj më parë
    • Aight

      Friotic ModsFriotic ModsVit më parë
    • Gah damn! Big money on the line!!! Ali vs Frazier is goin dooooown!

      SquadUp617SquadUp617Vit më parë
    • I saw your tweets about this. Its gonna be a movie!

      treysevenfourtreysevenfourVit më parë
  • Big 700K BRO TYCENO U ARE MY FAVORITE 2K ALworldr love how u play bro keep it up❤️

    Corey VerifiedCorey Verified6 muaj më parë
  • 200 dollar donation😂😂

    Dr DreDr Dre6 muaj më parë
  • Mypaint is my mate from school, and after this he has SALTYYYYY ASFFF lmao

    Jye SeeleyJye Seeley8 muaj më parë
  • What’s your jumpshot

    Adrien HoganAdrien Hogan10 muaj më parë
  • And also, your not gonna beat tyceno and zirinic like that, what are they thinking.

    Aiden GamingAiden Gaming11 muaj më parë
  • Obviousely the try hards arent gonna win, The trinder dude was being so rude to his tm and that caused his tm to mess up, Tyceno doesn't disrespect his tm at all. He just plays the game and has a good time and tryes a little at the same time, its a perfect balance.

    Aiden GamingAiden Gaming11 muaj më parë
  • Y'all beting real money out talking vc lol I'm lost

  • Tyceno says “come on” like captain falcon 😂😂😂

    Kevin WheelerKevin WheelerVit më parë
  • That Center Ass Asf

    SheAhFreak-SheAhFreak-Vit më parë
  • Stop screaming you are ass

    iTz boXrdZiTz boXrdZVit më parë
  • Big Z is so clutch man lol he hits big shots like it's nothing I love yalls squad for real yall mesh well

    LonghornsLegendLonghornsLegendVit më parë
  • Do a video of what badges you got now

    KhaliQ QuinneyKhaliQ QuinneyVit më parë
  • Yo does anyone know what headset he uses? If u do plz lmk

    ZaydZaydVit më parë
    • Tyceno wait does this mic come with a built in mic? I was also wondering if u use any type of volume attachments

      ZaydZaydVit më parë
    • Tyceno thanks bro, appreciate it and I just wanna day I love ur vids

      ZaydZaydVit më parë
    • ATH M50x

      TycenoTycenoVit më parë
  • trinder need to work on his D

    Deez NutsDeez NutsVit më parë
  • Tyceno at 1:24 was alr in the mindset of yea this a wrap

    Ro787ckyRo787ckyVit më parë
  • Why does this kid trinder still thinks he can win

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin SkywalkerVit më parë
  • wish i had a dollar for everytime that guy said lock in...

    Ben CairneyBen CairneyVit më parë
  • 200,000th

    JeromeJeromeVit më parë
  • Please do a badges video !!! ❤️❤️💥

    KingVertixKingVertixVit më parë
  • how do i join your parks ?

    Three Eyed EagleThree Eyed EagleVit më parë
  • Bruh Ty sold sI much first game lol

    Jordan SpiveyJordan SpiveyVit më parë
  • Saw u on reiko Ioane comment

    Trill jimi Step mumTrill jimi Step mumVit më parë
  • How you know tyceno only plays with zirinic when there point average equals exactly 21

    JDBaskiJDBaskiVit më parë
  • What your jump shot

    GHOSTED 2KGHOSTED 2KVit më parë
  • best duo on nba2k20! 🔥

    Levi GxLevi GxVit më parë
  • What is Tycenos QuickDraw on

    Ben LibschteinBen LibschteinVit më parë
  • legend

  • Tyceno look like "Enes Kanter" 😂😂😂😂 if I spelled that right

    Backwood SeanBackwood SeanVit më parë
  • 🔥🔥

    FattBlack KattFattBlack KattVit më parë
  • Trider is toxic in 2k19 he would delay parks 😰

    VagnillaVagnillaVit më parë
  • Gawd triller vs tyceno

    Tracy SmithTracy SmithVit më parë
  • i watched his stream, kids annoying af

    AshAshVit më parë
  • 1:22 nah it was a donation, cause you knew you was going to win anyways lol!

    AshAshVit më parë
  • White does love having black characters 😂😂

    ShaboShaboVit më parë
  • eeeeeasy 2hunnit hahah

    wondewondeVit më parë
  • So Z just out here greening wit no dimer that’s tough 😭🤦🏾‍♂️

    Garry GarciaGarry GarciaVit më parë
  • 27:36 When you buss and she keep suckin

    Chris2kChris2kVit më parë
    • TheKidChristian bruh Im dead😂

      My_opinion_is_betterMy_opinion_is_betterVit më parë
  • Best shot creator on 2k❗️

    AB CaponeAB CaponeVit më parë
  • Like how the musoc stopped when he air balled

    Jose PelegrinoJose PelegrinoVit më parë
  • 4:35 , I understand money is money. But WTF Does $200 mean to u?😂

    Donny BravoDonny BravoVit më parë
  • Tyceno get bail out on silver bro

    Yousef AlshafeiYousef AlshafeiVit më parë
  • Ty what are all your badges bruh😭

    MonkeyButtMonkeyButtVit më parë
  • does Z hv a channel?

    Ollie JeffreyOllie JeffreyVit më parë
  • 7:08 Tyceno: “lets fucken go Z we got the best D on the 2s” Z:”lets get it”

    Pete -Pete -Vit më parë
  • Check out my ALworld to run 2k juts comment in my latest vid

    Hoodie MxgicHoodie MxgicVit më parë
  • Hate players who talk about their teammates like that says lot about them🤷‍♂️

    A DA DVit më parë
  • You need to go back to shot meter you can’t hit stepbacks with no shot meter so ur game is not the same. If you can’t hit stepbacks then that’s so much of your game taken out out shot meter right back on

    ????????????????????Boyo !!!!!!????????????????????Boyo !!!!!!Vit më parë
  • Don't ever play a person who can type that fast with one hand. I think that's a rule.

    bear bandanabear bandanaVit më parë
  • Not tryna hate... but put your shot meter on it looks better for videos and you just just better with it on

    Jaylen HannahJaylen HannahVit më parë
  • Z is such a good fucking center it scares me bro. His IQ, his poise his positioning it just doesn’t make sense 🤨

    DuappDuappVit më parë
  • Goated

    callofbryan 225callofbryan 225Vit më parë
  • Good video Tyceno and what's your space creator on? Gold or hof

    Yaw O.Yaw O.Vit më parë
  • Bro I played you in 3v3 pro am today 😂

    Jayjay ProJayjay ProVit më parë
  • Tyceno u r a nasty gaurd everyone wants to be like u and I don’t blame them.But I want to be like Z! Keep u good content

    H BoulgerH BoulgerVit më parë
  • What's tycenos jumpshot

    papaWolvezpapaWolvezVit më parë
  • Tyceno needa turn the jumpshot meter back on

    hachibabahachibabaVit më parë
  • Great editing soooo funny

    Kaba SidibeyKaba SidibeyVit më parë
  • it's so boring that all these youtubers play with a sharpshooting guard build and a glass lockdown every single time.

    Hairline AirwaysHairline AirwaysVit më parë
  • Man you gotta checkup on Z man he’s always coughing

    Valerie LValerie LVit më parë
  • I got screenshoots of mypcnit BOOSTING

    Ara CampbellAra CampbellVit më parë
  • Yo trinder my guy stick to school

    Lil DracoLil DracoVit më parë
  • Tygreeno

    Wet like I’m BookWet like I’m BookVit më parë
  • Big ups Z

    mrrnomrrnoVit më parë
  • He loses and blames his teammate bruh I hate niggas like dat.

    steven foltmannsteven foltmannVit më parë
  • Never use Volume Shooter!

    KingMistikKingMistikVit më parë
  • z is the best center against comp

    FredPanini_2kFredPanini_2kVit më parë
  • Naah u kno you meant Donation lol ez dub

    Hesi HDHesi HDVit më parë
  • omg you a beast

    Large FriesLarge FriesVit më parë
  • Soo fake

    Robert SchmuckRobert SchmuckVit më parë
  • No cap but Tyceno got the best center to run with 🤙🏾💯

    DeAntre CheathamDeAntre CheathamVit më parë
  • You will become a millionaire 👇🏻 If this is blue 👇🏻 sub to me

    Notice MeNotice MeVit më parë
  • 10:06 listen to how fast he type wtf 😂😂😂

    OTMOTMVit më parë
  • Bro play with AlperBicen

    Tuna KorkmazTuna KorkmazVit më parë
  • No shot bar is goofy

    Logan ELogan EVit më parë
  • That boy Z sumn different

    1k Firelli1k FirelliVit më parë
  • Lmao mypaint is my mate from school lmao

    Jye SeeleyJye SeeleyVit më parë
  • 3:17 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀BROOO IM CRYINGGGGGG

    BxxutifulBxxutifulVit më parë
  • Ty you should get some hot zones and then put on hot zone hunter and you will be unstoppable

    Angus BilhamAngus BilhamVit më parë
  • Trinder the clout chaser😂😂

    MitchGoatedMitchGoatedVit më parë
  • So does he only post the ones he wins?

    Deykerr rrDeykerr rrVit më parë
  • "Guys I'm not really gonna read donations, I gotta stay locked in" 2 seconds later... "WOAH THAT CROWD"

    jxtt diojxtt dioVit më parë
  • That trinder dude so lame he kept doing the same thing left right behind the back over screens.....TRASH

    Josue AlmonteJosue AlmonteVit më parë
  • Hey Tyceno, do you feel like volume shooter actually works?

  • This guard is horrible, these comp aus/nz centers need to re-evaluate what guards they bring into wagers hahaha, he couldn’t make a three. TYCENO is lucky the guard was broke ngl.

    JxmeziJxmeziVit më parë
  • Trinder is a clout chaser

    HONDA 274HONDA 274Vit më parë
  • put on HOF dimer so you can dot Z and he will have more of a boost when he shoots.

    jpmayjpmayVit më parë
  • Does he give Z half?? He better pay that man !

    Bajey LaurentBajey LaurentVit më parë
  • Nigga you a try hard lmao

    BackToBackGamingBackToBackGamingVit më parë
  • Tyceno uce a bit rude to call them try hards considering they gave you a decent match and put up 200? That's not usually your style to caps lock TRYHARD about someone.

    bidjara nationbidjara nationVit më parë
  • Tyceno always hyped ash and z always so calm

    ThatsWrappzThatsWrappzVit më parë
  • I cant make full whites bt a glass lock can🥶😂😂😂

    Red15xRed15xVit më parë
  • Are you friends with Z IRL?

    CallMe_ZgoatCallMe_ZgoatVit më parë
  • We drop him bad in 3v3 pro am or park godz came 5th so gg he ass

    xWalkOnRec HaninixWalkOnRec HaniniVit më parë
  • What jumper does Z use?

    CW ChristensenCW ChristensenVit më parë
  • I finally see why you guys are a good team because Tyceno is Amped up while Z is so calm and relax good chemistry right here

    Taijay WauchopeTaijay WauchopeVit më parë
  • *opponent greens shot on his face* Tyceno: nice! Nadexe: THIS GAME IS F*CKING TRASH!!!!!

  • What dribble pull up

    Edan WicksEdan WicksVit më parë
  • This nigga tyceno be typin hell’s fuckin fast

    Nas NNas NVit më parë
  • Can someone explain why he doesn’t use shot meter

    HypeHypeVit më parë
    • Gives you a 5% boost to your shot

      dom .dom .Vit më parë