My 99 Overall Player Got Hacked (a message)

27 Kor 2019
311 243 Shikime

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  • This has happened to me 5 times and i have me a video on it EVERYT TIME. They think they are hurting us but NOTHING can stop our grind. Keep being positive brother

    Duke DennisDuke DennisVit më parë
    • @Living Embodiment Of Pure Evil you bought a playstation because of the free online gameplay, lol.

      KwazyKwazyVit më parë
    • @Living Embodiment Of Pure Evil xbox strict asf hackers can't do what they used to

      j0hn wickj0hn wickVit më parë
    • Thats that ps4 crap

      Wilfred OsbyWilfred OsbyVit më parë
    • Young Clout Boy better yet why solluminati never been hacked 🤣

      King TiggaKing TiggaVit më parë
    • Facts duke people just are crazy out here just need positive energy work things out

      I Luv DrippyI Luv DrippyVit më parë
  • Big CENO mannn❤️

    Ayo TaeAyo Tae3 muaj më parë
  • Tyceno looks like a guy who can be in faze clan

    anto rakoanto rakoVit më parë
  • Xbox for 2k20?

    Jason AlvarezJason AlvarezVit më parë
  • Forget the haters bro there everywhere

    Hitemup DexHitemup DexVit më parë
  • Xbox😭🧐

    RAY 4LRAY 4LVit më parë
  • Man tyceno big ups bro for now allowing the negativity and the bums stop your grind bro. Keep pushing out the dope ass content you do and stay positive my guy. To the hating Ass bums move around man quit hating on this man.

    FlyboycamFlyboycamVit më parë
  • 2k community is really toxic lmao

    Aidan KlakratokAidan KlakratokVit më parë
  • I Love you Tyceno

    Suad. MSuad. MVit më parë
  • Get an xbox

    DimiDimiVit më parë
  • Remember Tyceno haters make you famous,keep up the good work in making this videos that truly appreciate it.

    PHAT BunniePHAT BunnieVit më parë

    Xavier SmileyXavier SmileyVit më parë
  • It’s sad that somebody can’t grind for 99 and they just hacks somebody else’s accounts

    Xavier SmileyXavier SmileyVit më parë
  • What does hacking achieve nothing absolutely nothing

    Yami No SoraYami No SoraVit më parë
  • Chase that bag Tyceno💰💰

    sean cartersean carterVit më parë
  • Hi. I make videos. Come watch a few. Thanks🤟🏾

    DevinEDITS ❶DevinEDITS ❶Vit më parë
  • This really the most corny dude on 2k

    ArnootArnootVit më parë
  • shut yo bitch ass up nigga

    tryretwy tryuerttryretwy tryuertVit më parë
  • This is why xbox is the way to go,you cant do this on xbox because they need to basically know all your information. No passwords no help is what they will tell you

    johnny capotejohnny capoteVit më parë
  • Everyone like this video so this man gets a fat bag for this fuckery!!!!!!!

    Johnnie JacksonJohnnie JacksonVit më parë
  • Does Xbox have that problem to?

    iVaulted YTiVaulted YTVit më parë
  • Thanks for the Official content Tmac

    Edwin GonzalezEdwin GonzalezVit më parë
  • Bruh people get hacked all the time your no different all ALworld people are scammers never trust anyone

    Jay bJay bVit më parë
  • I got hack two😩

    London SimmonsLondon SimmonsVit më parë
  • Gotta stop buying accounts from "tnb stacked accounts"!

    Ooflagg Figgens1Ooflagg Figgens1Vit më parë
  • Just make a stretch and put a durag on

    GoodLookingFrogGoodLookingFrogVit më parë
  • Lolololol jk FeelsBadMan

    GoodLookingFrogGoodLookingFrogVit më parë
  • "It's not gonna effect me at all"... It effected you enough to make a video about it tho'

    Tobias LangerupTobias LangerupVit më parë
  • love the message at the start! lmaoo " im gonna get the bag off this video" huge facts the trolls just end up helping you win lolll

    Secure The FundsSecure The FundsVit më parë
  • get that bag

    Drip SkylarkDrip SkylarkVit më parë
  • He is hurt😂😂😂

    Kingtbreezy 2kKingtbreezy 2kVit më parë

    JavionXoJavionXoVit më parë
  • Watch this I found the hacker that hacked Tyceno

    JavionXoJavionXoVit më parë
  • If I was that Customer Service, I should have lifted the ban right away! Hehe, much love from the Philippines! You the reason why, Tyceno, that I'm going to buy myself a PS4 and try this game :)

    Ian CabillanoIan CabillanoVit më parë
  • Got hacked Tyceno: Green! Stay Positive brotha!

    Ian CabillanoIan CabillanoVit më parë
  • Come to Xbox. Microsoft don’t play!

    Sean AndresSean AndresVit më parë
  • Update?

    NationJJNationJJVit më parë
  • Brooo I just got banned bro

  • Bruh Tyceno where you copped the windbreaker?????

    SendTrettersSendTrettersVit më parë
  • They trying to stop the grind

    Santonio FyallSantonio FyallVit më parë
  • Even the talk videos a banger💪🏽 🔥🔥

    Jay _DFEJay _DFEVit më parë
  • Xbox 2k20??

    SaniMan 2KSaniMan 2KVit më parë
  • my boy tyceno!

    young kingyoung kingVit më parë
  • Well on the bright side 2K20 comes out in a few weeks and this game is already dead

    Tonyo OverseasTonyo OverseasVit më parë
  • Theres Xbox players talking about not getting hacked but they don’t realise the people only hack dudes with clout they’re not gonna hack some random fucking dude only big youtubers no one cares about your account unless your a big you tuber I’m a 98 but I don’t gotta worry about getting hacked at all why because I’m not a ALworldr

    Honcho LuisHoncho LuisVit më parë
  • Whats the point in hating smh

    ZNTV 2450ZNTV 2450Vit më parë
  • Its called coming to Xbox Your waisting time with ps4 weak ass policy and there fake ass lock on your acc (am I right )👌👌

    Kapp TvKapp TvVit më parë
  • Switch to xbox then jeeze not hard

    preston McNeillpreston McNeillVit më parë
  • i mean 2k20 is coming out in a few months so stay positive!

    inosukelolinosukelolVit më parë
  • man just switch to xbox , ps4 security system wacc , geesice caught on now you should , xbox 2k community fw yall 💙

    HassanHassanVit më parë
    • LuvStacks fax

      Micah JarellMicah JarellVit më parë
  • The reason I fw tyceno is cause he rly one of the only youtubers that actually seem like he enjoy the game everyone else constantly hating or have terrible upload scedules

    Tragic KillzTragic KillzVit më parë
  • Never worked for anything these guys that’s why they don’t respect anybody’s work...

    L. K.L. K.Vit më parë
  • Bruh

    JusstoniJusstoniVit më parë
  • If you want a laugh I got the Bonus on the wheel but only got 500 vc😭😭

    IshIshVit më parë
  • Bro 2k community breeded some toxic ass weirdos I see u in da park keep grindin

    MikeMikeVit më parë
  • Karma a bitch my brutha you banned me out your stream for literally nothing but I definitely don’t wish this on anyone go to xbox

    mamba419mamba419Vit më parë
  • Mad respect tyceno have watched you sense 18 they really waited until you were 99 to hack you. Keep grinding bro nobody wants too see you winning now a days but they can’t stop the grind

    Trevor HillTrevor HillVit më parë
  • hey tyceno what are your headphones?

    Trikzy fnTrikzy fnVit më parë
  • Lol I may think about switching to Xbox lol I ain’t never hit close to 99 but if I do ever do that and I get hacked ima be hot

    Brian RubinBrian RubinVit më parë
  • Someone took my Pos Rim, they change my name and everything to hidden but I got it back like 2 days ago Sony needs to stop people from taking other ppl account

    IslandBoyTreyIslandBoyTreyVit më parë
  • Exactly why I didnt get a ps4 bc of niggas like this that hack you for no purpose in life

    SpazzOuttMattSpazzOuttMattVit më parë
  • Respect bro, stay up!!

    Kanan HansenKanan HansenVit më parë
  • I’m a Youchewber

    Corey KeyzCorey KeyzVit më parë
  • Keep grinding bro, no hater can hold you back! 😤

    SwshSwshVit më parë
  • It’s very disappointing that people get so jealous and think it would be funny to take legit grinders accounts instead of putting in the work themselves 🤦‍♂️

    King NellyKing NellyVit më parë
  • your hairline got hacked too my bro

    KanyKanyVit më parë
  • Any supporter that turns into a enemy was hating since day 1

    Darren WicksDarren WicksVit më parë
  • Tyceno what’s your step back package

    I Luv DrippyI Luv DrippyVit më parë
  • Bro tyceno the best 2k player I’ve ever seen, just look at 11:26 that was cleannn!!

    Ima big dog Off a leashIma big dog Off a leashVit më parë
  • All these haters being sad instead of getting the bag. Bars🔥🔥

    X8137694318XX8137694318XVit më parë
  • Switch to Xbox that never happens

    lee 6abylee 6abyVit më parë
  • No disrespect to PlayStation lovers but don’t see this happening a lot on Xbox

    RunItUpJayyRunItUpJayyVit më parë
  • Get a Xbox best customer service

    BBCBBCVit më parë
  • Why Xbox better

    The Jay TheoryThe Jay TheoryVit më parë
  • Only real ones check their email as soon as they wake up

    xMarkeithxMarkeithVit më parë
  • Go on Xbox my man less danger rip god damn

    D CarterD CarterVit më parë
  • What’s with the same pose???🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jacob LatuJacob LatuVit më parë
  • What is his hop jumper?

    Liam CuberasLiam CuberasVit më parë
  • Do you pay Z?

    uceSA FTFuceSA FTFVit më parë
  • This is y Xbox

    Miles GayninMiles GayninVit më parë
  • Play rec

    Jaylo TvJaylo TvVit më parë
  • Gotta head to Xbox bro

    Nick SNick SVit më parë
  • I know everybody seems to prefer PS4... but y’all gotta switch to Xbox. This doesn’t happen over here

    HacksawHacksawVit më parë
  • PS4 😂😂

    na2na2Vit më parë

    QuaSosa TVQuaSosa TVVit më parë
  • Boo hooo cry 😢

    Uncle DrewUncle DrewVit më parë
  • Well said tyceno, you inspire me man

    LuvCiq xLuvCiq xVit më parë
  • Can playstation fix their security ????

    Clifford AmankwaaClifford AmankwaaVit më parë
  • Sad already tho ipy its jealousy pure jealous i feel like something big about to happen for you just because how you grind & how you bring good content and if anybody hating on you its kids thats why i feel like it should be a age bracket group in the 2k community cause grown man doesnt have that much time in there life to just hack someone but keep up the good work bro bro you will get him back sooner then you know it !

    FlexxxpFlexxxpVit më parë
  • Yes sir the bag comin in

  • Just come to Xbox bro

    TrippyDaSlimeTrippyDaSlimeVit më parë
  • Come to Xbox we’re it doesn’t happen

    Kari GocrazyyyKari GocrazyyyVit më parë
  • Xbox players: come on over to this side 🤣

    BiggMoBiggMoVit më parë
  • it’s those ps4’s users that are getting hacked that’s why all these people going to xbox name one xbox player that got hacked

    YSN PressxreYSN PressxreVit më parë
  • Keep grinding man been watching since 2k17 and you only growing 💯🐐

    LunagrindsLunagrindsVit më parë
  • switch to xbox

    Big KevBig KevVit më parë
  • Shame it happened to you bro but as you said it's really nothing. Haters can't stop the grind. Gratz on your success! Thanks for the dope vids and see you on 2K20 💯

    Zachary WattZachary WattVit më parë
  • The psn support staff are a bunch of business grads that never touched a video game in their life and dont know what ctrl-alt-delete does

    Kung-Fu KennyKung-Fu KennyVit më parë
  • Tyceno You need Xbox

    Nehemiah WilliamsNehemiah WilliamsVit më parë
  • Moral of this story get xbox?.........

    Still YoungStill YoungVit më parë