I'm a different breed in 2K20

5 Sht 2019
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NBA 2K20 is finally here and uh, I had almost no badges in all of these clips. Everything in this video was from my first day at the park. I think this year might be something special... just give me a little bit of time
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  • TYCENO going off already and the game just came out

    Jay RockJay RockVit më parë
    • Do u shoot with analog stick or square

      MiggszOFN -MiggszOFN -Vit më parë
    • Young Rock I mean yea cause ain’t really no comp in the park😂😂

      Nba SeanNba SeanVit më parë
    • Anna w he was going for difficult shots and testing things out lmao did you not hear him?

      LouieTaeLouieTaeVit më parë
    • PG -13 because he gotta get use to it just like everyone else.. duh

      LouieTaeLouieTaeVit më parë
    • Nah my mans was definitely struggling if you were watching the livestream but its all good though since the game just came out and everyones trying to adjust to the new gameplay

      Rack MCRack MCVit më parë
  • Who else here right before 21 comes out

    MambaYBUMambaYBU3 muaj më parë
  • Hes trash

    KYLEKYLE6 muaj më parë
  • "No badges" the badges literally pop up on the top right

    Hello BrodieHello Brodie7 muaj më parë
  • Nobody: Tyceno:GREEN

    shelovesoscarrshelovesoscarr7 muaj më parë
  • Here in 2020

    Swag x GodlySwag x Godly10 muaj më parë
  • Gween

    Michael MurphyMichael MurphyVit më parë
  • Make a video of your dribble animations you use 🤕

    SGB_GalaxySGB_GalaxyVit më parë
  • What ALworld channel is his friend that plays as the big man ??

    Chicano OrtegaChicano OrtegaVit më parë
  • No cap Z just carry you

    Glizzyx SonnyGlizzyx SonnyVit më parë
  • This nigga dont miss

    Michaela DanielleMichaela DanielleVit më parë
  • I thought this was 2k 19 for a sec😂

    Duval Robinson Jr.Duval Robinson Jr.Vit më parë
  • No ur no skill build is

    charles phillipscharles phillipsVit më parë
  • you have a pretty fat kiwi head man

    Abar180202Abar180202Vit më parë
  • dude i have your build it’s so op i literally green everything 🤣

    BandzzBandzzVit më parë
  • whats your J?

    SwellSwellVit më parë
  • i really like your skill man its really fun to watch but your so arrogant it makes it irritating.

    ScafcoScafcoVit më parë
  • Gween

    DacetsDacetsVit më parë
  • You talk like a little kid lol

    Young ChillionaireYoung ChillionaireVit më parë
  • Where’s the jump shot video

    Mememalade CharadeMememalade CharadeVit më parë
  • U butt

    HamongerHamongerVit më parë
  • what is your build nvm imma just watch the vid u made on your build

    Kg CarterKg CarterVit më parë
  • they scream tyceno do something, your guard is a diffrent breed

    Chidori AMVChidori AMVVit më parë
  • The beat in the background??

    x Firex FireVit më parë
  • I can’t get 2k20 ☹️

    TwoWopz Frm 203TwoWopz Frm 203Vit më parë
  • alworld.info/u/video/mITF0219eqmOhpo just posted my first park video y’all check it out 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Keith LaFlareKeith LaFlareVit më parë
  • Made a shot creator this yeah what’s your sigs?

    Future HendrixFuture HendrixVit më parë
  • Imagine fake greening in 2k20

    Noah Clarke-StymacksNoah Clarke-StymacksVit më parë
  • “BANG” that’s a good Merch idea Tyceno 🤙🏾

    BiggMoBiggMoVit më parë
  • Ur ass

    AT.FishingAT.FishingVit më parë
  • What jumpzhots you rocking with

    Triston PerezTriston PerezVit më parë
  • Hey tyceno I made your exact build but I just want to know how did you get your badges so fast

    key Ortizkey OrtizVit më parë
  • 4:02 guy missez open layup Tyceno: “OOOOOH I got the clamps”

    Christian MorganChristian MorganVit më parë
  • U annoy me when u say green

    SaevarSaevarVit më parë
  • Coldest in the game🤷🏽‍♂️ All i heard this video was “green” 😂

    Evan HarrisEvan HarrisVit më parë
  • Yo does zirnic have channel

    KenpKenpVit më parë
  • No have but wassup with that fake green

    Cornell HarmonCornell HarmonVit më parë
  • Is this your shot creator?

    JramsJramsVit më parë
  • I fucking hate Australian accents all i hear is blah blah blah blah blah

  • What shot are you using??

    Lewis Family AdventuresLewis Family AdventuresVit më parë

    Mac Doster Jr.Mac Doster Jr.Vit më parë
  • Tyceno u my dawg and all but you never move yo neck and you talk dumb fast😂

    samdadonsamdadonVit më parë
  • Can you do an animations vid

    Bomber PlayzBomber PlayzVit më parë
  • This game is built for fundamentals. Not dribblers

    ZMBE ZeeyiZMBE ZeeyiVit më parë
  • Tyceno really the best shot creator in 2k20 👀

    Its PrinceIts PrinceVit më parë
  • Anyone know is jumpshot?

    Kade GravenhorstKade GravenhorstVit më parë
  • why Z look like patrick mahomes

    Dino NavarroDino NavarroVit më parë
  • Fucking goat

    Thrust TvThrust TvVit më parë
  • Players are so slow

    peter qianpeter qianVit më parë
  • The difference with Tyceno and other guard you tubers is that he never relied on his dribbling he relied on his IQ on the game and he trusted his build🤷🏿‍♂️.

    Xp_Mervcs DuttXxXp_Mervcs DuttXxVit më parë

    ZaneTheOneZaneTheOneVit më parë
  • 💫💫💫

    InhalevertInhalevertVit më parë
  • Tyceno is THE best shot creator to touch a controller this is fact idc what anyone says

    NotSolessNotSolessVit më parë
  • What position is his player and what build

    muza bajourimuza bajouriVit më parë
  • Pls revert dribbles n fix d n screens defense sucks look at tyceno in these clips practically smothered but contest system sucks don’t get me started on steals on 92 dribbles

    DatBoi YungGoatDatBoi YungGoatVit më parë
  • is that 2K20 heart this Tyceno if yes

    Daniel Lee TempladoDaniel Lee TempladoVit më parë
  • How did they not give you your in-game face yet.. they better finna give it in 2K 21

    Lil BouyaLil BouyaVit më parë
  • What you jump shot

    don't Saydon't SayVit më parë
  • Dog i went from a prospect to rookie 3 in a hour 😐

    ProjectCloud __ProjectCloud __Vit më parë
  • Toxic bigman:tyceno your badddddd Tyceno:green......BANG

    Hugh MissiameyHugh MissiameyVit më parë
  • So fucking slow trash game

    Tuna KorkmazTuna KorkmazVit më parë
  • He made so many greens it was like ty curry thai*

    uchiha madarauchiha madaraVit më parë
  • I’m sorry but this game is awful

    Yvng Juan 214Yvng Juan 214Vit më parë
  • I made the same exact build from head to toe every little detail and my guy bricks every shot I get I literally miss everything

    KhyDaGuyKhyDaGuyVit më parë
  • What badges you pick bruh?

    Trap JacksonTrap JacksonVit më parë
  • A new build I tried out and liked but now everyone has it😤

    Christian TerrazasChristian TerrazasVit më parë
    • Christian Terrazas what are shot creators good at?

      irvinirvinVit më parë
  • What shooting form do you have bro?

    Ev KennethEv KennethVit më parë
  • Your kind of not that good not tryna hate but your playing absolute bots

    furr razefurr razeVit më parë
  • Is he playing on xbox or ps4?

    Mason MontagueMason MontagueVit më parë
  • What’s z’s Build?

    Tyler FlackTyler FlackVit më parë
  • I miss wide open whites

    Conner ReedConner ReedVit më parë
  • This 2k is so ass

    Rod BrowardRod BrowardVit më parë
  • He trash lol

    PoloWax YTPoloWax YTVit më parë
  • Tyceno’s shot selection and green consistency on difficulty shots is goated now

    OCB BOCB BVit më parë
  • Where's your build at?

    JayLee-956 GonzalezJayLee-956 GonzalezVit më parë
  • What the hell is Z’s jumpshot???!!??

    Ricardo CorpusRicardo CorpusVit më parë
  • I can’t be the only one who is loving this game right now.... right?

    WashawacWashawacVit më parë
  • This made me want to go harder

    Sweazy503Sweazy503Vit më parë
  • you gotta make a jump shot video and dribble pull up and dribble moves.

    ReggieReggieVit më parë
  • He a goat

    Malik HardenMalik HardenVit më parë
  • Boy be getting so lucky I swear to god

    iimtinooiimtinooVit më parë
  • Well damn go crazy 🔥🔥

    NickBeChillinNickBeChillinVit më parë
  • Can someone gameshare 2K wit me cuz I’m broke

    JoeyJoeyVit më parë
  • Bro this dlc trash bro

  • do you need quickdraw?

    MasonMasonVit më parë
  • What's yo jumpshot?

    Allen NavarroAllen NavarroVit më parë
  • Go crazy

    TNS RoyalronTNS RoyalronVit më parë
  • FaZe Sway of 2k

    Jolly2kJolly2kVit më parë
  • The Tfue of 2k 😭😭💯

    John OcasioJohn OcasioVit më parë
  • whats your dribble pullup

    KanooksKanooksVit më parë
  • I know why niggas think it's 2k19 if u look at how similar the parks is you'll be confused. You gotta check out other details buddy 😂😂😂😂😂

    chilldaonly 1chilldaonly 1Vit më parë
  • What jump shot is he using?

    Keezy SmithKeezy SmithVit më parë
  • Nobody : Tyceno: Screams bang at the top of his lungs for a game winning green

    Darkness YtDarkness YtVit më parë
  • This boy something else..😬

    Jesus B.Jesus B.Vit më parë
  • Bro this is basically 2k19 with an update might as well call it it NBA 2k19.5

    Alex SongAlex SongVit më parë
  • does anyone know what jumpshot that is?

    Cal So sHORTCal So sHORTVit më parë
  • What’s ur jumpshot?

    Dark_RashawnDark_RashawnVit më parë
  • Why you sound Jayden Smith? ‘Gween’

    Drakey BoiDrakey BoiVit më parë
  • What's your jumpshot?

    Midnight PrizmMidnight PrizmVit më parë
  • Jumpshot? Thang water

    VisionzPlayClawVisionzPlayClawVit më parë