13 Kor 2020
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I finally reached legend rep with my shot creator in NBA 2K20 and unlocked 40 EXTRA BADGES. The time is now.
Twitter: twitter.com/therealtyceno
Instagram: instagram.com/therealtyceno
Sight of Wonders - On a Boat to China
Little Island Leap - Coming Home to Celebrate
Mary Riddle - Play Loud March Proud
Edgar Hopp - Last Fight for Freedom
Dream Cave - Summon All Gods
Trailer Worx - Treasure Reveal
Bonnie Grace - Legendary Walk
Dream Cave - Night of the Drowned
Experia - Baffled Moment
Tiki Tiki - Don't Cry for Me
Hugo Correia - Celebracion De La Vida
Claude Signet - Bird Talk

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  • Lookin like p2s car

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  • thats luv fam

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  • So close to 1mil

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  • Who remembers when tyceno was the fortnite challenge guide

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  • Right when he hits legends nut and plab from granthegoat donate 5 dollars 🤔🤔

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  • Who noticed Nut and Plab from Grantthegoat

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  • Mans is living his best life

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  • Tyceno reacts 🤣😂😂

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  • Future me they are together all ready😂

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  • He’s trash 1v1 1000000$

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  • Due to its natural ingredients, there are trace amounts of lead in G FUEL which requires a warning on the label to comply with California's Proposition 65. ... For peace of mind, the lead in G FUEL occurs due to absorption of lead from the soil when cultivating natural ingredients lmao never drinking it again

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  • Wait so my boy tyceno SHOT AND HIT A GREEN

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  • Aye this man is really living the dream

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  • play cheese

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  • How tf do you play with silver Quickdraw

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  • Gfuel so bad for you u tripping

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  • Ayeee he living his life

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  • Meanwhile I just hit superstar 1 yesterday

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  • Simp

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  • Wait tyceno has corner specialist on silver but no deadeye and did he out on pump fake maestro😐

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  • Keep it up tyceno

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  • 6:20 how df you getting 4 blocks💀

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  • i8 oof

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  • I’ve never seen anyone deserve it more than you brotha! Good job man big blessings coming your way my man!

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  • Yo stop yellin bro relax

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  • I didn't know Ronnie2k little brother played 2k

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  • Calmest legend animation

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  • Anyone notice ursalty clan donate

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  • Buddy so damn lame

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  • Did you got a nba2k21?

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  • how does this sweat even have fun

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  • Can’t be mad at the helicopters gotta be mad at the dumbass pilot

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  • Jump shot plz

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  • This is my first time watching and ur good

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  • Biggest w on youtube right here

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  • Imagine seeing bronny in yo chat and just chill like wassup bronny

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  • This man is my north to go.

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  • You and zirnic made legend with a white😂😂

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  • Gg men

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  • what is your build

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  • Yo im i the only one that gets mad when he "smacks" his controller on the table like that, like dam, you not scared of your controller getting drift, but yet again he can buy another one,good video tho

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  • My boi goin crazy 🤩

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  • Can i play with you my name is MTV_Jer ps4 account

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  • did anyone else see nut and plab donation from granthegoat

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  • bruh we he said i dont really like helicopters this year i thought he meant cause of the fake legends and it being annoying but no im wrong asf

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  • Calvo

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  • Tyceno, that code is trash 🤣 the site gives you a better deal than that code

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  • Tyceno reactssss

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  • Tyceno take like 30 sips of gfuel every min bro really enjoying that😂

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  • 11:02 loooooooooooool

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  • Keeps on saying thank you but yet is the best player on 2k

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  • 2:00 lets just say he greened it 🥶✅✅

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    • underrated ad mate

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  • Jumpshot?

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  • Friend me

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  • Duke Dennis did the arrive in style also

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  • This guy missed one shot and said i think it’s delayed

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  • Good stuff man

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  • Why da wheel on the wrong side

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  • Ty you the goat bro keep up the work

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  • Got a girl, got sponsored by gfuel, got his dream car, hit legend on a shot creator, and hit a white in the process 😂 tyceno vibin

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  • Have you realesed a animation reveal

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  • tyceno reacts

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  • A 2k episode sponsored by gfuel and not Gatorade😧

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  • What headphones do you have

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  • Imma Grind To Legend in 2K21. In 2K20, I started Park later. DazzaFiddy

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  • Official nut and plab😂😂😂 5$

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  • If you look close Tyceno is not even drinking g fuel

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  • 12:17 when he hits it

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  • @northborders do his car shoot!!!

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  • Rest in Peace Kobe

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  • This how many times Tyceno says ‘boi’ 👇🏿

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  • 10 ads on this video lmao

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  • Remember u was hitting legend and 1v1 NA and JB

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  • wuts tyceno spin move

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  • yo there’s a video in ur adds

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  • yo

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  • What is your dribbling moves

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  • w

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  • Automatic 😂

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  • These badges where trassh

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  • Anyone notice he’s drinking his g fuel but there’s nothing in it

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  • Congrats Tyceno

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  • Deadass legend

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  • Misses 1 shot "Is SOmEbOdY DelAYing" haha

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  • i was in the twitch stream during you hit that

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  • still not sure y he has pumpfake maestro over hot zone hunter and clutch shooter

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  • My guy now he don’t drink dat

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  • M’en what are your animations and badges and jumpshot plse?

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  • Bail out on hof?

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  • He was so calm when he hit it if I was him I would be running around my whole house🤣🤣 but no hate I love u Tyceno keep grinding

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  • Congratulations bro! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 you deserve it!

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  • Can anybody glitch me mascot for free please

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  • How do u not use hot zone hunter?

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  • Took him 8years you let duke hit it before you I'm kidding good job mate

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