10 Sht 2019
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I try out the HOF range extender badge at the park in 2K20
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Some instrumentals in this video are by Chuki Beats. Check him out here: alworld.info
Epic instrumentals used:
Miguel Johnson - Pirates out for Blood
Evan King - The Outer Rim

  • 6:43 that’s just too cold

    Will OberholtzerWill OberholtzerVit më parë
    • Logan Baltazar Stfu clown

      Scottie PippenScottie PippenVit më parë
    • Logan Baltazar I’ve been subbed to him since he had 30k.. he’s changed but not too much. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t gotten more cocky. I would’ve.

      SJBSJBVit më parë
    • Logan Baltazar well it’s because he’s the fucking best on the game

      ImDylImDylVit më parë
    • Cause shot creators are op

      Kristian DotsonKristian DotsonVit më parë
    • Will Oberholtzer that’s fucked up 😂🔥

      Deviyon YoungDeviyon YoungVit më parë
  • lmaooo you really ain’t that good no more bro. me and my bro from hamilton would put up $500 in a heartbeat to drop an embarrassment to new zealand off like you. i know you won’t respond to this though cuz you duck all comp so you can spam fades on bums 😂 dm me @ben.oneill_ on instagram if your keen to get your money taken from ya😂

    Ben O’NeillBen O’Neill3 ditë më parë
  • U suck😂

    Elijah McphieElijah McphieMuaj më parë
  • GG

    Chaundelyn Cha'ley GuiceChaundelyn Cha'ley Guice3 muaj më parë
  • you get green machine after 1 shot proven by 2k labs you get it after 2 shots with it in silver

    vShotsvShots6 muaj më parë
  • Yo r u from nz?

    Churro ComprendeChurro Comprende7 muaj më parë
  • What's up I'm here before 1 million.

    Servent mikeServent mike8 muaj më parë
  • I thought this was Ronnie 2k😂

    Max GarrisonMax Garrison9 muaj më parë
  • uses camera relevant

    Orion AljararhOrion Aljararh10 muaj më parë
  • Have HOF green machine and range extender and I still can’t green like this and I have a 95 ovr three what is 2k at this point?

    Bxndit goes dummyBxndit goes dummy10 muaj më parë
  • Hey Tyceno! Please what's the secret of greening. im so desperate. everyone telling me it's about timing.. or badges or wtv.. i have all badges but it's always hard to green to me! I switched from Sharpshooter to Shot Creator cuz he was kind of slow but none of these 2 I could green easily!! :( :( :(

    Soufiane MessSoufiane MessVit më parë
  • All love man! Keep up the work!

    Papa SmurfPapa SmurfVit më parë
  • What shot you got?

    Oscar SanftOscar SanftVit më parë
  • What shot is he using?

    patrickjw333patrickjw333Vit më parë
  • Is this your pure shot creator...

    Elijah 405Elijah 405Vit më parë
  • I hit a behind half court shot w silver it’s on my channel

    EliteGoCrazyy-EliteGoCrazyy-Vit më parë
  • From nz?

    Mau SeluogeMau SeluogeVit më parë
  • What’s his quick draw at?

    F a y G oF a y G oVit më parë
  • Wange extendow

    Logan ELogan EVit më parë
  • what build is zirnic

    Noah De LangeNoah De LangeVit më parë
  • Do you know how many controllers have been broken because of you😂😂

    Hunter GowanHunter GowanVit më parë
  • That leaning shot is so OP

    Zues GodOfThunderZues GodOfThunderVit më parë
  • What’s up wit tha banana coat? Do u got a heater or is it just style ?

    trenton boydtrenton boydVit më parë
  • Are you that nice in reality? Lol

    marcus davismarcus davisVit më parë
  • Yo what build does Z have?

    Pierce LavoyPierce LavoyVit më parë
  • The game just came out my mans tyceno in 1 month “SUPER STAR TWO GUYS “

    GGGGVit më parë
  • he doesnt have catch and shoot in this vid but in his build video he had it at gold so WTFFF

    erwin mxerwin mxVit më parë
  • Badge video ??

    Ball UpBall UpVit më parë
  • I like you bit shooting is broke i have steady silver catch and shoot silver and if I fill bar 95% I miss

    shamel2014shamel2014Vit më parë
  • Your like a godd already 2k20 just got released

    basketIV numb.1basketIV numb.1Vit më parë
  • 6:54 tyceno what is that move and animation pls?

    Roei HibRoei HibVit më parë
  • what’s ur step back or dribble moves pls reply

    skeptorGskeptorGVit më parë
  • What badges does he have ???

    LewiLewiVit më parë
    • For shootings

      LewiLewiVit më parë
  • I am looking for someone to play with in parc...

    Aris StogiannidisAris StogiannidisVit më parë
  • This man face when he’s tryna focus on greening😂😂😂 has a whole ass mini seizure💀💀

    Ray ShepherdRay ShepherdVit më parë
  • besy 2k player and my favorite youtuber

    Elijah VasquezElijah VasquezVit më parë
  • What is ur quick draw on?

    evan romeoevan romeoVit më parë
  • wtf is this valhalla music in the background

    ActualMVPActualMVPVit më parë
  • Lol

    Chris with tha SauceChris with tha SauceVit më parë
  • What the hell is this background music

    Chris with tha SauceChris with tha SauceVit më parë
  • Use me a Tyceno doesnt miss button

    XychXychVit më parë
  • How did he get his badges that fast?

    Aris StogiannidisAris StogiannidisVit më parë
  • I don’t know if anyone has realised this but the net sounds like a chain

    Lynda KerepLynda KerepVit më parë
  • Whats with the bag pipe instrumental

    JagurkJagurkVit më parë
  • Mans don’t even have quick draw 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    Tommy HarperTommy HarperVit më parë
  • No it isn’t it’s a badge

    Dan PewpewmanDan PewpewmanVit më parë
  • bro bro, im really itching for your signature style video! please post one

    Ranson978Ranson978Vit më parë
  • why are we listening to some vikings music

    Kiet PhamKiet PhamVit më parë
  • Wats his build

    VROVROVit më parë
  • Trash

    Julio Espinoza JrJulio Espinoza JrVit më parë
  • How do you teardrop using square buttom guys?

    Nico AntonioNico AntonioVit më parë
  • this is not fair. he's too good

    203nxc203nxcVit më parë
  • It’s annoying how good u r

    Dylan DelucchiDylan DelucchiVit më parë
  • Whats ur quickdraw..?

    TriggaFingaTriggaFingaVit më parë
  • It does not look like you are enjoying this game at all with that stone cold face on every green lol

    SensiSensiVit më parë
  • Bro are they really going to keep all these badges this op I hope not it’s so easy to shoot this year I go off and i’m not even that good

    Allatris deemAllatris deemVit më parë
  • Play with chico

    Eric FeghaliEric FeghaliVit më parë
  • How do you have hof range extender did you make a new build

    mustafa muktarmustafa muktarVit më parë
  • I still believe after they come out with the new myplayer game mode they will add a new neighborhood and get rid of the old

    Michael BeechMichael BeechVit më parë
  • How you get your shooting badges so fast Tyceno?

    MariMariVit më parë
  • Do you know why I can't shoot with my stretch and hall of fame badge

    2k plug232k plug23Vit më parë
  • Yo bro show us your badges man

    RipperRipperVit më parë
  • Jumpshot?

    Sorry2 Lil2xSorry2 Lil2xVit më parë
  • When is the animations vid dropping🤷🏽‍♂️❤️

    YvngBryceYvngBryceVit më parë
  • Bruh what are this mans goated shooting animations

    Benji BernardoBenji BernardoVit më parë
  • Tyceno be doing all this talking until hankdatank shows up and makes him rage quit🤣

    Archer 96Archer 96Vit më parë
  • the badge is a glitch just like how ur myplayer is GLITCH😆

    Dutt ReactsDutt ReactsVit më parë
  • Yo tyceno, when you do hop jumpers do you immediately re-press square? Or do you try to time it with when he gathers his feet? Or whats the best timing for that?

    baraka flakabaraka flakaVit më parë
  • what do u stream on

    SlixzSlixzVit më parë
  • U need to hit some whites 2 bro so we can see the badge working I can hit green from deep range with no badges hitting a green it doesn’t show the badge

    Gamer ServicesGamer ServicesVit më parë
  • Every time i watch a vid i just shake my head cause he too goated

    Boogiee TaylorBoogiee TaylorVit më parë
  • Animation video ? & what would you prefer you quick draw on silver or gold ?

    b birdob birdoVit më parë
  • How can you tell when your green machine is on?

    Jack BrightJack BrightVit më parë
  • What is tycenos badges

    -MajinLares --MajinLares -Vit më parë
  • First 10 second shows me how gay you are. Clicking off

    Kicked and BackedKicked and BackedVit më parë
    • Kicked and Backed someone is mad

      AB NRAB NRVit më parë
  • Can you stop acting good.

    Kicked and BackedKicked and BackedVit më parë
  • Folks just be abusing the screens omm

    Ishmael ReedIshmael ReedVit më parë
  • When you gon share yo animations tho 🤔 lol

    Stephen JStephen JVit më parë
  • somebody knows his jumpshot ?

    JJ FFJJ FFVit më parë
  • 6:45 why did u have to do him like that

    SlaughterSlaughterVit më parë
  • 8:40 your just a different breed

    SlaughterSlaughterVit më parë
  • Best 2k20 player

    SlaughterSlaughterVit më parë
  • Whats your jumpshot?

    RuckzbtwRuckzbtwVit më parë
  • What does green machine do?

    Reece ThompsonReece ThompsonVit më parë
  • Fucking dork

    Melliel HarriganMelliel HarriganVit më parë
  • What’s the Jumpshot release

    TalabanticoTalabanticoVit më parë
  • What is Your shot Ty

    iAlmighty - KvngiAlmighty - KvngVit më parë
  • The quick draw is important HOF ? Please answer if you know

    KingRoma XOKingRoma XOVit më parë
  • Please i want see your badges if you can do video about it 🧐🔥!

    KingRoma XOKingRoma XOVit më parë
  • damn ur mad annoying

    Seabass KupisSeabass KupisVit më parë
  • Can you make a video of how your getting badges this year and your method

    Carlos GarciaCarlos GarciaVit më parë
  • Is it just me or has he gotten so big headed since 18

    Noah SharpNoah SharpVit më parë
  • What build is this?! And also what junpshot

    Bravo.grindsBravo.grindsVit më parë
  • Audio music just ain’t it

    DonCBTDonCBTVit më parë
  • Jump shot?

    Will PeifferWill PeifferVit më parë
  • how did u change ur camera angle

    KuhzKuhzVit më parë
  • What quickdraw do you have? Didnt see it coming up

    Mark ClantonMark ClantonVit më parë
  • What jumpshot does he have

    Wesley LiWesley LiVit më parë
  • Every build should have a downside lol playsharps finish at the rim like slasher

    steven whiterssteven whitersVit më parë
  • pls give me font name that use in thumbnail pls

    XscrayXscrayVit më parë