EMBARRASSING Defenders with a SHOT CREATOR in 2K20

20 Sht 2019
260 538 Shikime

Gameplay of me destroying players with a shot creator at the park in NBA 2K20, including with isolation plays. ENJOY!
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Instagram: instagram.com/therealtyceno
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  • What’s kinda funny is the thumbnail shows him greening after the ankle breaker but when the clips rolls in game he whites it. You ain’t slick tyceno 😂😂

    Shot SquadShot Squad10 ditë më parë

    Team HamerTeam Hamer5 muaj më parë
  • Wait how'd he get hof quick first step as a pure shot creator?? I can only get gold and I have the same build as him?

    Hello BrodieHello Brodie7 muaj më parë
  • Tyceno kinda bad at dribbling

    GMF XTGMF XT8 muaj më parë
  • Your a demon🙅🏾‍♂️🧢💯

    Jeremiah AnsleyJeremiah Ansley8 muaj më parë
  • Arette de gueuler dans Tai video mec

    Axel BerruyerAxel BerruyerVit më parë
  • What is ur quick draw?

    TheyLuvMatriixTheyLuvMatriixVit më parë
  • Pass to Z ball hog

    Jose MartinezJose MartinezVit më parë
  • Can you show us what you use for your dribble moves and your shooting

    New Boy99New Boy99Vit më parë
  • Your not bad at ISO this year man.. Not gonna lie! 💪

    40 And Elite40 And EliteVit më parë
  • what kind of build do you run with?

    Pictures ng Tropa YEAH YEAH YEAHPictures ng Tropa YEAH YEAH YEAHVit më parë
  • how tall is ur player

    Christian CamposChristian CamposVit më parë
  • What spin jumper was Zi using?

    LegaCLegaCVit më parë
  • What are the best badges for a shooting guard shot creator?

    minoJminoJVit më parë
  • “I’m not bad at iso this year” as he’s playing against bums

    Not So Cool DudeNot So Cool DudeVit më parë
    • Bradley Beal Look at the way they’re playing. Those were bums

      Not So Cool DudeNot So Cool DudeVit më parë
    • “As he’s playing bums” I didn’t know 90 overall all stars were bums....

      Bradley BealBradley BealVit më parë
  • Like and sub earned GREEN MACHINE GOD

    MKD MMMKD MMVit më parë
  • why is my screen stuck sideways in the park? can somebody help me out

    Nooa MarjasvaaraNooa MarjasvaaraVit më parë
  • This man activated a blow by and screamed ooooooooohh like Tyceno your trash g

    Bayzsmoove -Bayzsmoove -Vit më parë
  • 2:09 “we’re chillin” 3 secs later “OHHHHHH”

    SamSamVit më parë
  • Damn @tyceno that game were you were down 20-2 n ended up winning instantly made me sub beasssst!!

    Anthony HamiltonAnthony HamiltonVit më parë
  • Why did he delete his last video? (“2k is trying to ruin shotcreators”) did they fix the fades and moving shots?

    uub 1kuub 1kVit më parë
  • Aye I wish I can play u it would be fun

    Lil LuiiiLil LuiiiVit më parë
  • Can u make a video on your updated badges

    SpinSpinVit më parë
  • Can yu make a video of your player?

    BigCatsJewel RosadoBigCatsJewel RosadoVit më parë
  • How affective is quick first step hof?

    Jake BagbyJake BagbyVit më parë
  • Wats z jumpshot?

    BigHead 7385BigHead 7385Vit më parë
  • What jump shot does everyone have cuz mine trash

    Ryan LawsonRyan LawsonVit më parë
  • Tyceno makes a offensive threat 😛

    xXOGXx MiloxXOGXx MiloVit më parë
  • 3:09 travel??

    Joshua Allan Dela CruzJoshua Allan Dela CruzVit më parë
  • Did Tyceno delete a video complaining about the nerf or am I just fried?

    Richie AnthonyRichie AnthonyVit më parë
    • He delete the video

      Stage DemonStage DemonVit më parë
  • The thumbnail showed you greened it. Fucking clickbait :(

    imagaminggirlimagaminggirlVit më parë
  • me: *so hype at last game 2k to Tyceno: ok you are toooooooo good!

    Wolf Gaming2kWolf Gaming2kVit më parë
  • what are his shooting and playmaking badges

    Kevin Babapour DigalehKevin Babapour DigalehVit më parë
  • 9:30 That's why and how you win selfless play I try telling people this bro you play to win or play to play I mean fr now tho

    Nights of ChaosNights of ChaosVit më parë
  • Are you going to show your badges when you max them out?

    brayden swaimbrayden swaimVit më parë
  • New Subscriber🤟🏽I watched all ya previous videos

    The XThe XVit më parë
  • what jump-shot do you use ?

    roysse hroysse hVit më parë
  • see iso’n is so get used to it

    Dontae LeeDontae LeeVit më parë
  • I was the one Z did that glitchy animation on 🤣😭

    jamesfab3jamesfab3Vit më parë
  • Fades got nerfed, i see you fade alot. Finally taking out the cheese out

    marcus davismarcus davisVit më parë
  • What are his badges??

    PopoPopoVit më parë
  • Updated badge video?

    Henry TynesHenry TynesVit më parë
  • Whats his shot?

    Mustafa ShebliMustafa ShebliVit më parë
  • That disconnection tho 😔😔 still goated 🔥🔥

  • Z is the greatest center in all of 2k change my mind

    Berleezy's Scared faceBerleezy's Scared faceVit më parë
  • @Beluba It is way to hard to get badges and upgrade players after your patch and not fair to us that everyone glitched to get badges and the 1's that didnt, have to suffer and take losses at the park and rec because of it. IT IS UNFAIR!! You made it HARDER and difficult and to long to get badges to go compete at the park. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ASAP!!! 🤬😡🤬😡 Pass this shiznit on

    BO JBO JVit më parë
  • What happened to the shot creator video? Still put diff shots on gold or what

    Collin BrigmanCollin BrigmanVit më parë
    • Collin Brigman gold

      Dontae LeeDontae LeeVit më parë
  • What jumpsuit does he use?

    Jim JoeJim JoeVit më parë
  • Are moving shots still nerfed

    Mr. Magic PotatoMr. Magic PotatoVit më parë
  • Bro z is so under rated this man one of the best if not the best at the glass cleaning roll lowkey

    Samir EnnaniSamir EnnaniVit më parë
  • l

    Current MoodCurrent MoodVit më parë
  • Kyile❤️😁

    The JAZ FamilyThe JAZ FamilyVit më parë
  • I’m not gonna lie the graphics look the same as 2k19 but the animations seem to be way more smoother and have a flow 🔥

    RoDerik JohnsonRoDerik JohnsonVit më parë
  • Nobody: Tyceno: SHOT CREATOR

    Taylor MangoldTaylor MangoldVit më parë
  • What’s a good jumper for Glass lock downs. Z what’s your shot

    M RomeroM RomeroVit më parë
  • What’s that nothing easy badge

    Jairus HarrisJairus HarrisVit më parë
  • Yeah 2k doesn’t make sense. In pro am they counted the other teams 3 when they set an illegal pick. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Ryan RamosRyan RamosVit më parë
  • To be honest bro you was never bad at iso😂💯

    JustDetroit PhillGamingJustDetroit PhillGamingVit më parë
  • Tyceno witch badges do you have now

    Nejc KaučičNejc KaučičVit më parë
  • GWEEN!!

    Big WillyBig WillyVit më parë
  • 2k20 is a V

    AbedAbedVit më parë
  • Z is the kawhi Leonard of 2k he so quiet

    EgmioEgmioVit më parë
  • Z hits a nice spin move shot on two guards while tyceno screams in excitement Z: that was pretty good

    EgmioEgmioVit më parë
  • How do you casually win a game after being down by 18

    Dylan HuntDylan HuntVit më parë
  • Z sound like he always blazed 😂😎

    Anthony McmillanAnthony McmillanVit më parë
  • Just took down the new vid?

    coolstufftodocoolstufftodoVit më parë
  • L

    Dylan HuntDylan HuntVit më parë
  • @tyceno y did u remove the new vid just put up

    KEFKEFVit më parë
  • Lol you just made the last video private im done yall ALworld grinders are fake af

    Franky JayFranky JayVit më parë
  • I got a whole shot creator Ian start working on yet 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Li_Moody00Li_Moody00Vit më parë
  • Show all your animations

    עידו אטיאסעידו אטיאסVit më parë
  • *_Yea im 85% sure Zirnic is just a area 51 alien tyceno rescued to help him play 2K, he hasn't fully learned english yet so he only says catchphrases_* _and you are now enlightened_

    Ṛëäḷëṛ ẗḧäṅ ëṿëṛṚëäḷëṛ ẗḧäṅ ëṿëṛVit më parë
  • We need a steezo ve tyceno rematch

    MaliksWrldMaliksWrldVit më parë
  • daymmmmm man

    wondewondeVit më parë
  • Tyceno what is your layups ?

    Roei HibRoei HibVit më parë
  • How do I make my stam not run so quick

    Amused_gaming15Amused_gaming15Vit më parë
  • Tyceno start a stream brodie I need that

    CnDubzCnDubzVit më parë
  • What’s tyceno jumper?

    ScoobySnaxScoobySnaxVit më parë
  • we need more people on the switch version :(

    Tyrell CampbellTyrell CampbellVit më parë
  • Wheres the video with the updated badges? They’re different from his build video

    erwin mxerwin mxVit më parë
  • i don’t get how you green like that, i have terrible latency on my jump meter. anyone know how to fix it or why it’s happening? every time i shoot i have to let go half way through the meter because of the delay

    JohnJohnVit më parë
  • What are your badges

    FroozFroozVit më parë
  • Is steph curry dribble pull up or tyceno’s dribble pull up better?

    Aidan PsomasAidan PsomasVit më parë
  • *does a momentum behind the back* Tyceno: OOOOOOOO MY GOD

    Conall SchultzConall SchultzVit më parë
  • So when’s Z dropping that jumpshot vid????

    Jose JimenezJose JimenezVit më parë
  • Why he getting hyped over crossing up bums smh

    ellsbells11ellsbells11Vit më parë
  • Best ending so far 🤣 good game btw 😎

    lilsauce24lilsauce24Vit më parë
  • can you make a video of our jumpshot

    gaulxrdgaulxrdVit më parë
  • Does he use QuickDraw

    Kealan GreenKealan GreenVit më parë
  • the man has ice in his veins.

    jerry-jerry-Vit më parë
  • I need to see Tyceno on a center and Z on a guard playing 2’s

    Roman SmithRoman SmithVit më parë
  • Bro I actually start getting bored watching you destroy people on a regular basis like smh 😤

    Danny_cuz YDanny_cuz YVit më parë
  • “2k20 is trash” you probably just suck at the game if you think that 😂

    Trap FitzTrap FitzVit më parë
  • tyceno: does a behind the back move also tyceno: WOAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    ElxvayteElxvayteVit më parë
  • what’s his jumper ?

    M PerezM PerezVit më parë
  • I hope you read this comment. I’ve been learning how to play as a shot creator from you, and i must say my game is improving drastically because of your playmaking IQ. Watching you ball out is truly & sincerely satisfying. Keep it up Ty.

    Aazad MuhammadAazad MuhammadVit më parë
  • turn ur shot meter off

    Justin BlanchardJustin BlanchardVit më parë
  • Bruh I swear it’s fun watching u green hella shots and play

    SpezzySpezzyVit më parë
  • Tyceno you gotta get handles for days my guy is your player asmathic he barley does 4 dribble moves and gets tired

    Starboy JoshStarboy JoshVit më parë
  • Should of gone in to tycenos game when court conqueror was on.... would of had time to get it done then because everyone would be watching the 2’s court 😂

    v6Reiisssxv6ReiisssxVit më parë