2 Qer 2019
301 200 Shikime

I present to you the best of 5 showdown between AnnoyingTV and myself in NBA2K19. I show highlights of the first 2 games, then the final games in full. Sit back, grab your snacks and ENJOY!
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  • Day off today, I haven't had much time to rest. Then Gawd Triller is NEXT.

    TycenoTycenoVit më parë
    • How do you need rest. It’s a video game, it’s not that deep 😭

      Carl CharlesCarl CharlesVit më parë
    • Play Lamonsta, Drummy and Gman THATS THE MOST COMP PERIOD!!!!!

      PG HieiPG HieiVit më parë
    • i really wanted to see you vs imdavis but i guess he couldn't do it cause he has other stuff going on just like gman would have been cool to see

      HardcoreCampHardcoreCampVit më parë
    • @Ninety Nine tyceno is selfish and if he does not change his way and take heed to my most recent comment he will get what he deserves 👁️ he doesnt give Z nor has he given me my due respect for being the catapult that launched him doing this. We will see his next moves 👁️

      Darth MadaraDarth MadaraVit më parë
    • When u playing Hollywood

      SheMissesRyleeSheMissesRyleeVit më parë
  • Ngl annoying was actually good at 19 he trash at 20 tho lmao

    Jake MillerJake Miller3 muaj më parë
  • He got his revenge...

    Acee The ChosenAcee The Chosen5 muaj më parë
  • 2k20 he actually got his revenge haha kept his word at the end!

    Shaas NeruShaas Neru7 muaj më parë
    • And then Tyceno smacked him 4-1 for 25k

      DuranvFDuranvF3 muaj më parë
  • 17:44 2k20 is out where’s series 2

    Alex ColeAlex ColeVit më parë
    • lmao

      Wyd quaWyd qua11 muaj më parë
  • 4:21 lets go snag god lets go snag god lets go snag god lets go snag god lets go snag god

    MergedMergedVit më parë
  • Annoying is so bad

    Boss BreezyBoss BreezyVit më parë
  • Annoying ass he gotta Lt to beat him, and he miss a open fade with take sad😔

    ScamKScamKVit më parë
  • Can someone tell me what move was at 16:20

    Kyle RainerKyle RainerVit më parë
  • I thought he was lil tecca

    Pro GamerPro GamerVit më parë
  • 9:42 that shot hesi fake tho

    Offixial._kayy _Offixial._kayy _Vit më parë
  • Can you do your jump shot video

    qt. sweatsqt. sweatsVit më parë
  • annoying is so ass why you play him lol oh he got clout lmao

  • Tyceno At 3:22same thing happens to me as parkbully when I go to fade sometimes do you think it’s my remote or I’m pulling to early cause that’s anamation screws me a lot

    Your Moms GoatYour Moms GoatVit më parë
  • What is tyceno behind the back?

    Edgardo BirrielEdgardo BirrielVit më parë
  • Game 3 was disgusting 🤭🔥🔥

    FinoCapFinoCapVit më parë
  • Annoying's head is almost as wide as his shoulders

    NME RAPSNME RAPSVit më parë
  • 2:25 "who are you gonna blame" YOU NIGGA!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    iKarryTViKarryTVVit më parë
  • Annoying funny as hell but hell look like that damn squirrel 🐿 from ice age

    RickyRickyVit më parë
  • Greatest Shot Creator Of All Time & It’s Not Even Close

    Tre JonesTre JonesVit më parë
  • Tyceno look like he eat flys😭😭

    Jricchez Rags2richesJricchez Rags2richesVit më parë
  • U should have more subs super entertainment content

    Jakobe DicksonJakobe DicksonVit më parë
  • tell me why “annoying” looks like the giggity giggity dude from family guy

    ConnerConnerVit më parë
  • I had to sub just off how humble u are bro keep it up my boy u going far trust me

    Dp McgeeDp McgeeVit më parë
  • You are the main reason I even made a pure shot creator 🤦🏽‍♂️ you make this build look even more godlier

    SincereSincereVit më parë
  • Bro. I forgot half these ppl play 2k. 😂

    Flee810Flee810Vit më parë
  • "board snag God"

    Weedpatrizio PotcastWeedpatrizio PotcastVit më parë
  • fwm !!!

    GlockkoGlockkoVit më parë
  • 2:05-2:28😂😂😂💀 I’m dying

    DearticulateDearticulateVit më parë
  • Just so u know. If the other players jump shot landing doesn’t make them lean back or change when you contest them the shot has a much higher chance of going in even if it says lightly.

    OfficialJacheOfficialJacheVit më parë
  • Annoying is funny af💀 his face when he missed💀💀 *And I-oop*

    ldkylerldkylerVit më parë
  • Bro is about 6'1 talking about why he doesn't do a standing dunk lmaoooooo and these are the dudes that complain about 2k😭😭😭

    Winter WoodsWinter WoodsVit më parë
  • Let me get in this series tyceno

    KamidSoOfficialKamidSoOfficialVit më parë
  • Yoo my nigga tyceno really sum different 😭😂🔥

    KamidSoOfficialKamidSoOfficialVit më parë
  • Bullet wants the smoke

    Marcus JacksonMarcus JacksonVit më parë
  • Lmfaoo his teammate said fortnite lookin like a wonderful game go play that💀

    Aiden LawAiden LawVit më parë
  • What hop jumper does tyceno use

    CP PickensCP PickensVit më parë
  • SOOO much screens 🙄🙄, no iso whatsoever, 😴

    SoHo DonSoHo DonVit më parë
  • Everyone like this comment, so we can all see TYCENO VS STEEZO. I just want to see how steezo cooks him and Z at the same time lmao.

    Darwin SnyderDarwin SnyderVit më parë
  • Can I pls get a tyceno vs truly angel best out of 5 pls thank you!

    Landen HurstLanden HurstVit më parë
  • Bro look like lil tecca 😭😭

    Curtis ThaPlugCurtis ThaPlugVit më parë
  • Absolutely loving this content 🏀🤤

    Crxss Me_Crxss Me_Vit më parë
  • Amazing series! Good players on both sides

    VexVexVit më parë
  • Who won him or gawd thriller?

    KaderKaderVit më parë
  • I played against you earlier in ante up today bro 🏀💯 GG fam 👏🏾 can I get a add back 🤷🏾‍♂️ Kaiin74_

    Kaiin74 _Kaiin74 _Vit më parë
  • The other team has the chemistry in like -9000

    is akdis akdVit më parë
  • Baldcrackhead

    Jayden LlorensJayden LlorensVit më parë
  • play sleace

    Tyler HartmanTyler HartmanVit më parë
  • Is It Just Me Or Does Annoying Look Like Lil Tecca😭

    Deonte Chappell JrDeonte Chappell JrVit më parë
  • Ayo play steezo tyceno, that’s gonna be tuff💯🔥

    JoshJoshVit më parë
  • Play stezzo or lamonsta

    Mike GambinoMike GambinoVit më parë
  • when the center comes in the middle and bodies you when checking the ball in 😂

    isaicisaicVit më parë
  • U need to go against steezo

    Kidd WaveyKidd WaveyVit më parë
  • @2:06 he didn’t sell he got screwed over

    TbeforetheJTbeforetheJVit më parë
  • Tyceno u r great but for game 4 I think u cheated.. if u lost in game 3 how u get first ball in game 4 ?, if u didn’t have first ball in game 4 u wouldn’t had went up in lead like u did and they would have had a better chance to defeat u. Just saying!!!!

    U-Mad -_-U-Mad -_-Vit më parë
  • The only time ty can really do stuff is when z set pics and thats when he set pice he green every time

    malmalVit më parë
  • 500k soon ty!

    Ori RabiOri RabiVit më parë
  • I love what you’re doin for the community, keep up the work bro Sincerely, your newest subscriber.

    foldupsfoldupsVit më parë
  • More like Tygreeno

    iK TreiK TreVit më parë
  • Gman

    Eliano SaucedaEliano SaucedaVit më parë
  • Tyceno vs grinding df

    in da bathroomin da bathroomVit më parë
  • You need to play sleace he’s underrated but you just need to vs him

    YkAlfonseYkAlfonseVit më parë
  • How do people do the worm onto the court glitch

    FiloBreezyFiloBreezyVit më parë
  • Tyceno vs gman 👀

    RIP waterRIP waterVit më parë
  • 9:42 might have been the coldest 2k move i ever seen

    Ethan HaysEthan HaysVit më parë
  • Thanos was takin down by the Hanky in his blanky

    Jay • 13 years agoJay • 13 years agoVit më parë
  • Grinding and power next fr🔥🔥

    Gordon ChenGordon ChenVit më parë
  • Tyceno Best Pure shot creator 🔥🔥

    Khent AguasKhent AguasVit më parë
  • Play steezo @steezo

    NUKNUKNUKNUKVit më parë
  • 9:43 how do you do that step back?

    DavidDavidVit më parë
  • “No, no I dont want to L2 its fine” after hearing that you deserve all the respect in the community

    iBully ThaDemiiBully ThaDemiVit më parë
  • Why did the last game when the game started look like a whole different day or am I trippen

    YungboyzackYungboyzackVit më parë
  • 17:48 - 17:52 The sound of Tyceno celebrating behind closed doors 👀

    SamSamVit më parë
  • Congrats on this great series ty! I remember back before u blew up u was one of the nicest dudes in the game bro! Still remember that tough loss on a championship on a 2k tournament but u blew up so much more from that! Big Ups bro! Edit: Thanks for like ty! Bless up

    Diamond de GuzmanDiamond de GuzmanVit më parë
  • You are putting to much weight on this games bruh just play it like any other one and let z pick and pop more often

    Luis GarciaLuis GarciaVit më parë
  • Just waiting on steezo

    Benjiz AmirBenjiz AmirVit më parë
  • gg T

    Smxsy KBSmxsy KBVit më parë
  • 2k20 better have a Rep system of some sorts 🤞

    LegendHighRiseLegendHighRiseVit më parë
  • I'm fully locked in rn Gets beat 21-0 *DAMN*

    fyztefyzteVit më parë
    • oPRI MARRYo 🤣🤣🤣

      1992til1992tilVit më parë
  • Tyceno plz 2v2 GMAN or Steezo 🙏🏽

    skkotti Pskkotti PVit më parë
  • Pulled that lillard on him in game 5

    Truly hatedTruly hatedVit më parë
  • I’m disappointed in myself for not subbing to you sooner, your a great wholesome guy and you are single handily saving the 2k community💯

    Nova SlimeNova SlimeVit më parë

    El WikenEl WikenVit më parë
  • 14:54-1458 I was like 😮

    LawsOfErastoEL_ _LawsOfErastoEL_ _Vit më parë
  • Who knew Tyceno won Bc the video was only 18 minutes long😂

    PoeticLeePoeticLeeVit më parë
  • 1v1 steezo next tyceno

    Elite TrayyElite TrayyVit më parë
  • After you play all the youtubers , all of you should set up a tournament to see who the real champ is

    Alex BravoAlex BravoVit më parë
  • I want to see him play fanum so he can throw another chair

    Online trollOnline trollVit më parë
  • Haven’t played 2k since 17. I don’t like the 18 and 19 gamestyle. Hopefuly 20 will go back

    King TutKing TutVit më parë
  • play LaMonsta 😬

    Official LilDonOfficial LilDonVit më parë
  • He’s worst than flight 😂😂😂

    ShwingyShwingyVit më parë
  • Damn tyceno I thought u were better u letting people that don’t play no more take u all the way to game 5

    Jonathan WilliamsJonathan WilliamsVit më parë
  • OH MAN THAT LAST QUOTE “2k20 Snag we’re getting our revenge” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    El WikenEl WikenVit më parë
  • Take some LONG time to rest Ty you look dead trying to play all these games

    Xavier FelicianoXavier FelicianoVit më parë
  • Play steezo I bet u can’t beat him for sure

    boom 321boom 321Vit më parë
  • Tyceno I bet u won’t be able to beat imdavisss

    boom 321boom 321Vit më parë
  • is it just me or the fades this year are broke lowkey

    CrashThaModeCrashThaModeVit më parë
  • Steezo gon beat u blood

    A StovallA StovallVit më parë
  • “ RIGHT NOW Z !!!” Face ahh 😂😂

    FRANKS TV.FRANKS TV.Vit më parë
  • Y’all talking about steezo I wanna see him vs gman

    Bliss TsztBliss TsztVit më parë