99 Overall Pure Shot Creator DESTROYING EVERYONE in NBA2K19

4 Gsh 2019
257 330 Shikime

too ez
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  • watching this in 2020 and realising he’s versing splyze

    xGuckiexGuckie5 muaj më parë
  • Heixyyy is the same lockdown you played against 7 months ago look at the video so I made a lockdown rage uncensored

    Stephanie NewStephanie NewVit më parë
  • CollegiateJokes, take notes.

    AdrYTAdrYTVit më parë
  • should i make a sg shot creator or a pg shot creator this year?

    TreyTreyVit më parë
  • Z is an effin goat❗️

    ColbertColbertVit më parë
  • No 3on3

    Michael GandyMichael GandyVit më parë
  • This is the most unfair build at 99 ever

    abeisbeastabeisbeastVit më parë
  • What is Z's shooting form?

    チャプチェス君チャプチェス君Vit më parë
  • I have a question Ty. Do you suffer from latency in 2k? Like how bad is it for you?

    Honest TomHonest TomVit më parë
  • Whats his hop step

    Anthony TorresAnthony TorresVit më parë
  • This dude is fkn unbelievable

    Blakneo1 GibBlakneo1 GibVit më parë
  • How you know 2k broken 🤣🤣@2:50

    ishootgreen zishootgreen zVit më parë
  • Jumpshot?

    Drakz LMDrakz LMVit më parë
  • We’re steezo when u need him

    Noble SZNNoble SZNVit më parë
  • How many greens

    Cooper ShortCooper ShortVit më parë
  • İts so toxic I would be so pissed off

    AlifeAlifeVit më parë
  • Since no one will say it... I will.. Y'all got fucked up.. He single handedly cooked whoever guarded him.. I just can't think of anything worse than "cooked".. What ever you wanna call it.. That's what happened.. Sheesh 😂😂😂👏👏👏

    Bobby childs LeeBobby childs LeeVit më parë
  • Gotta do a wrap up video to ur 2v2 series.

    jbreeze161jbreeze161Vit më parë
  • Imagine you doing the series all over again but as a 99

    Cxmp ShotsCxmp ShotsVit më parë
  • What step back is that?

    Jamal simonJamal simonVit më parë
  • Cringiest fuckin ALworldr ever

    Ari MAri MVit më parë
  • He hit a fade-away limitless contested and he a pure rim

    Daniel JohnDaniel JohnVit më parë
  • Flight >>> chris smoove >> and this guy

    lazzzzyy23lazzzzyy23Vit më parë
  • 7:45 was the best play lmao

    Cars on CokeCars on CokeVit më parë
  • Found this channel like last summer with all them fortnite streams and 2k content came back and you almost at 500k keep it up

    BeastSoundzBeastSoundzVit më parë
  • Play in stage

    Ellinthoms 1234Ellinthoms 1234Vit më parë
  • Your a god at 2k💯💯💯💯

    Michelle BeyMichelle BeyVit më parë
  • What’s the jumpshot

    Cool GuyCool GuyVit më parë
  • Bro can sumbody plz tell me how to get the game audio included I stream on twitch & still don’t get it do I need a elgato?

    HustleOrBeBrokeGaming TvHustleOrBeBrokeGaming TvVit më parë
  • Anyone know what his subscriber gif is from? I can't remember fully 😤

    Morgan RichardsMorgan RichardsVit më parë
  • 2:55 that’s what we do now 😂 z hit a whole tyceno shot for the game

    YKTV ZAYYKTV ZAYVit më parë
  • Sup tyceno I love watching your videos and keep up the good work and don’t let haters get to you

    omar carbajalomar carbajalVit më parë
  • Bro the other day I literally ran into double pure Rims shooting limitless 3’s straight greening like what Ronnie 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Playboi KeshPlayboi KeshVit më parë
  • People fail to realize you have to jump if you know for a fact a shot creator is going to shoot

    AirDaGodAirDaGodVit më parë
  • How tall is his player?

    Gaming Bro 4269Gaming Bro 4269Vit më parë
  • What is his jumpshot

    CTCTVit më parë
  • What is his jumpshot

    CTCTVit më parë
  • 1:27 gold limitless range on a pure shot creator... HOW SWAY?

    Bron’s PlanBron’s PlanVit më parë
  • Tyceno, I just wanted to give you mad props. You’re in a class of your own. You’re the only that makes this game authentic. No cheese, no silly antics or toxicity, just great moves, great attitude and ballin!

    Chris GuytonChris GuytonVit më parë
  • Bro i doubt your gonna see this and write me back but im a huge fan i based my player off of yours aint trying to copy but love the play style . i love playin with my pure shot creator and i wanna learn how to get better and make more moving shots and i wanna kno how to get open more . i sub to your channel a long time ago bro. Your great.! Hopefully i can get a reply .!!

    YaBoi DreYaBoi DreVit më parë
  • Challenge zuliezulie for best of 5 Like who thinks it will be interesting

    Itamar_gr_30Itamar_gr_30Vit më parë
  • Is slashing skills for 6’3 guard is crazy

    Evan _Evan _Vit më parë
  • Man you ain’t losing 50lbs in one month, only way that’s possible if it’s all water weight

    Unknown KingUnknown KingVit më parë
  • Shot creator is so broken

    DreamDreamVit më parë
  • Tyceno got suspenseful music in the back like they ain’t 21-0 Them ahaha

    Run it up SINRun it up SINVit më parë
  • Ronnie2k: I think the game is pretty balanced and realistic 2:52 Ronnie2k: ...

    LiqcrLiqcrVit më parë
  • Ah

    LiqcrLiqcrVit më parë
  • Gotta say pause or no homo after what you said at 2:42 my guy😂

    Kenyon FranklinKenyon FranklinVit më parë
  • 1:47 that james harden move tho 🤨🤨

    BBgaming3BBgaming3Vit më parë
  • That put back dunk tho

    Tristan WilsonTristan WilsonVit më parë
  • What stepback is that ty i was using normal 2 bc of u but i need that one👀🤮

    Ersan KavakErsan KavakVit më parë
  • What's your shot creator height

    Bruce _Bruce _Vit më parë
  • Tyceno n.2! Wow :-) Only God Is in n.1 position... Boouum :-D

    Antonio BalistreriAntonio BalistreriVit më parë
  • Tyceno is sooo gooood all the greens, this is making me want to have nba 2k19 or a next gen console

    JeffreyJeffreyVit më parë
  • His IQ is what wins him these games

    DrxnkDrxnkVit më parë
  • I got you to 7k likes 😍

    Jordan ATWJordan ATWVit më parë
  • That man Tyceno jumpshot is overpowered

    Xavier SmileyXavier SmileyVit më parë
  • Hope y’all doing great !! I’m a small youtuber trynna do sum special Can You guys help me out

    OnlyAngelOnlyAngelVit më parë
  • What hop jumper this dude use, geez

    blake kulikblake kulikVit më parë
  • Can you give me tips on how to get more wins with pure shot please

    PayneFNPayneFNVit më parë
  • @7:45 so we're not gonna talk about my guy right here damn near interrupting another game cause he got faked off the court

    Jawaad JamilJawaad JamilVit më parë
  • whats the jumper?

    Tucker MixTucker MixVit më parë
  • Best shot pure creator.

    Ted SimonTed SimonVit më parë
  • I wish I could play as soon as it dropped but I’ll be in school 😢

    MOMOVit më parë
  • Aye Tyceno what you think about 2k20 and what you planning for your build to be

    Damon MeyersDamon MeyersVit më parë
  • Why does my man sound so bored 😂😍😂

    Joshua De SJoshua De SVit më parë
  • When you say bang you get me so HYPE🤫🔥

    lilRico_____lilRico_____Vit më parë
  • is your jump shot still Trey Burke?

    Rjayy2LiveRjayy2LiveVit më parë
  • daym son

    wondewondeVit më parë
  • Su

    DLG OLGDEV 2K19DLG OLGDEV 2K19Vit më parë
  • Tyceno is goated on the sticks

    Jaquavios ShanqueefiaJaquavios ShanqueefiaVit më parë
  • i’ve never seen this man not get a green release

    Jack RJack RVit më parë
  • 2:50 imagine a pure rim hitting a step back hall of fame limitless range

    MyuComBoMyuComBoVit më parë
  • How are you greening everything

  • Tyceno is the best pure shot creator, this man can shoot from anywhere

    WK jrWK jrVit më parë
  • I can tell just by the form of Zirnics jumpshot he’s using Damian Lillard

    Gianni PangalloGianni PangalloVit më parë
  • 2:51 I'm deleting 2k after that 😂😂

    Carey RobinsonCarey RobinsonVit më parë
  • I love been pure shot creator it's a fun build I just they don't destroy em in 2k20

    Alert GamingAlert GamingVit më parë
  • I need to know how he goes right into a crossover when he steps back i never time it right

    Matthew WillinsMatthew WillinsVit më parë
  • What does he get dimer on

    Damon SahmDamon SahmVit më parë
  • I wonder if he could guard himself

    HBK Jon-OHBK Jon-OVit më parë
  • What is his stepback

    Internet NiggaInternet NiggaVit më parë
  • High key cheesy as hell

    Stetty._.ReadyStetty._.ReadyVit më parë
  • Tyceno I respect your jumper but other than that I feel like your not as good as I thought I feel like I could beet you with my pure shot creator

    Marcus BeamonMarcus BeamonVit më parë
  • Quick question does anyone really enjoy this sorry excuse for a basketball game .... like really serious question... they have Blatant foul animations, wrong rules, and lets not mention my players are extremely one Dimensional and they cater to pay to play along with lowering the skill gap .... if u think this game is good you have to be crazy asf... they keep rereleasing the same game over and over and yall buy it .... takeover aka game breaker... I’m just ranting don’t mind me but seriously let’s stop Promoting these lazy gaming companies

    Lamonte LucasLamonte LucasVit më parë
  • U ever thought about being the first 99 in 2k20

    Alexis GuerreroAlexis GuerreroVit më parë
  • Bailout build

    Cameron WeeldreyerCameron WeeldreyerVit më parë
  • Imagine if he was a 99 when he was on tour with z

    Misi TaumaoeMisi TaumaoeVit më parë
  • The game against the double rim was 😳😳😳🔥🔥🔥

    Z birmingslamZ birmingslamVit më parë
  • Damn tyceno been watching Steezo lately the way that commentary was😂😂🔥🔥

    reece mitchellreece mitchellVit më parë
  • lock down or rim protector and why

    Nick 99Nick 99Vit më parë
  • What’s the best jumpshot for a shot creating slasher ?

    Chris MorganChris MorganVit më parë
  • That's how you play when you know every single animation in the game

    Peter HarryPeter HarryVit më parë
  • If thanos played 2k it would be u

    Flashboxingtv #MPDKSABFlashboxingtv #MPDKSABVit më parë
  • Hi. I made a video. Check it out please. Thanks.

    DevinEDITS ❶DevinEDITS ❶Vit më parë
  • Pure rim protector step back fades a three limitless. This is why 2k20 should honestly take out archetypes if every build can shoot

    Yung JayyyYung JayyyVit më parë
  • Like if tyceno should redo the 2v2 tournament as a 99👀

    NineHiiCreationsNineHiiCreationsVit më parë
  • But ur 99 got hacked you clickbaiter

    CappnSZNCappnSZNVit më parë
  • If Shot Creator gets nurfed would you still Make The build

    Bangalee KamaraBangalee KamaraVit më parë
  • Z was like "yo I can do that step back thing too."

    Jerry TeeJerry TeeVit më parë